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Vocational Skill Oriented Reinstate Training (VSORT)



About the Scheme

VSORT (Vocational Skill Oriented Reinstate Training)  programme provides financial assistance for organising S&T based skill development training to socially isolated and under-privileged women/girls to equip themselves re-enter into a stable carrier. Women in jails, orphanages, tribal areas, etc are selected as the beneficiaries of the skill development programme.


The training is aimed at reinstating isolated and confined women to self-employment or paid-jobs, at the same time ensuring better access to and participation in technical and scientific field especially in areas where they are underrepresented.

Who can apply?

Applications invited from Scientists/ Academicians/ Officials from State/Central Government Departments/ Colleges/ Universities/ Research Institutions/NGOs etc. who have the necessary expertise for organizing Skill development training in S&T areas suiting the beneficiary groups are above.


The maximum amount that can be granted for the training is Rs. 9.5 lakhs depending on the type of the programme. NGOs should satisfy the additional guidelines stipulated for funding by KSCSTE.

Training can be given in any of the following areas of S&T.

  •  Computer Data entry/ DTP
  •  Vermi-composting
  •  Vegetable nursery and seed production
  •  Mushroom cultivation
  •   First-Aid management
  •  Any other topics with S&T contents


1-6 months depending on the nature of the project.







 Dr. A Jayathilak IAS
Executive Vice President, KSCSTE &
Principal Secretary S & T  Dept.




Member Secretary




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