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KSCSTE is in the process of e-office implementation with effect from 01.08.2017.  Therefore all correspondance/Documents/Proposals/Reports shall be submitted to Director, KSCSTE, Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom, Trivandrum In addition, the soft copy of all correspendance/Documents/Proposals/Reports in the PDF form (not exceeding 15 MB) shall be forwarded to the email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the scheme

The Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE) is an apex body which promotes R&D programmes in newly emerging and challenging areas of science and engineering by providing financial support for the implementation of the project proposals. (Research project)
The project which is approved for implementation is provided with a financial sanction which is subject to certain terms and conditions. The following guidelines assist for smooth implementation of the project in conformity with those terms and conditions.


Providing assistance in the form of grants to scientists and technologists for scientific/research work with particular relevance to the State of Kerala on the Environmental Problems like Waste Management, Environmental Pollution , Environmental Health , Biodiversity conservation, Conservation of natural resources, Environmental management issues, Coastal zone management, Disaster management and sustainable development programme.
Who can apply?
  • A permanent faculty from Govt/ Aided colleges, University departments, R&D Institutions.
  • NGOs fulfilling the eligibility criteria as per Council norms.
  • The Principal Investigator should have Ph.D in the subject area and more than four years of service period left for retirement at the time of submission of the project.


  • Maximum 3 years.


  • Maximum grant for a project shall be Rs 30 lakhs for three years excluding overheads. In addition, the host institution will be eligible for an overhead @ 10% of total expenditure subject to a ceiling of Rs.1.5 lakh. Preference shall be given to low budget programmes with perceivable objectives
Note: Grants will be provided to specific projects to cover expenditure on manpower, equipment, consumables, contingencies and travel under this scheme.


Norms for Submission of SE & UC Revised

For Further Details : 

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