NGO Guidelines


As per the KSCSTE's order Council(M)Order No 129/2007/CSTE dated 25-10-2007(PDF) regarding eligibility criteria for NGO's required for necessary financial assistance from KSCSTE.

Submission of SE & UC as per KSCSTE Council(M)OrderNo.144/2017/KSCSTE dated 26-05.2017

The criteria/pre-requisites to be fulfilled by the NGO's are as follows.

  1. The NGO’s must be registered under Travancore Societies Registration Act and should have at least three years experience of working in Science, Technology and Environment related subjects.
  2. The NGO’s/professional organizations having proven credential and experience in Science, Technology and Environment field may only be considered.
  3. The credentials of the office bearers of the NGO’s should be verified.
  4. NGO’s must produce their audited account statements for preceding three years along with their proposals.
  5. The bye laws of the NGO’s must contain Science, Technology and Environment components in their activities.
  6. For financial assistance for research projects the applicant should have proven research experience. Such NGO’s should have their own R&D infrastructure.
  7. The NGO’s must submit details of earlier grants received from KSCSTE with pending statements, if any, at least for a period of preceding two years.
  8. NGO’s must submit details of collaborating institutions with their written consent. (such as name of the collaboration, nature of the collaboration, facilities and infrastructure status available.
  9. In the case of Seminar/Workshop/Training programme only one proposal may be considered for financial assistance from an NGO in a particular financial year. Similarlyonly one R&D research proposal may be considered at a time.
  10. The Seminar/workshop/conference proposals should focus on topics relating to the main theme of the NGO and organization should have in house expertise in that subject area.
  11. The grants if sanctioned from the KSCSTE should be deposited in a separate bank account accruing interests in the name of the institution.
  12. The MoU may be signed in Rs.50 stamped paper and in case of default of any of the conditions, such NGO’s may not be considered and steps may be taken to recover the grant amount.

The Council reserves the right to modify or amend the above mentioned criteria.