Student Programme for Excellence in Experimental Design(SPEED)

About the Scheme
The scheme is intended to provide science enrichment programme for Prathibha Scholars who are pursuing higher studies in Basic sciences.  The scheme provides financial assistance to scientists and academicians in reputed research and academic institutions for organising 5 –day residential science camps to motivate students in science education. 
The programme focuses on science experimentation and design, introducing the students to scientific research carried out in research laboratories, providing opportunities for aspiring students to interact with eminent scientists and academicians etc. 
To identify and nurture a core group of students and motivate them for higher studies and career in Science.
To introduce aspiring science students to basic concepts of experimentation and design.
 Familiarize the students with the research activities going on in reputed research institutions in the State thereby developing a passion for Science research.
Who can apply?
Scientists, Faculty in Science in Central and State R & D Centres and Academic Institutions or Universities with in the State of Kerala are eligible to apply for financial assistance for organising the SPEED program. KSCSTE will assist in identifying eligible students for participating in the programme.
Beneficiaries:  The Prathibha Scholars of KSCSTE are eligible to attend the programme
The programme should cater to about 50 students on an average and span for 5 days.
The programme should include sessions on Experimentation and Design, lectures on special topics by eminent Scientists, field trips to project sites etc.
Programme is fully residential.
Prathibha Scholars of KSCSTE  are selected as the beneficiaries of the programme.
50% of the seats are set apart for girl students.
Duration:  Scheduled for 5 days.



   Norms for Submission of SE & UC as per KSCSTE Council(M)OrderNo.144/2017/KSCSTE dated 26-05.2017