Scientific Gate, Kerala (SciGate-Kerala)

In Lines with the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2012, and the draft Science and Technology policy released by Government of Kerala, Kerala State Council For Science, Technology and Environment is embarking upon a novel initiative to develop an Innovative Online Digital Platform for mapping the Scientists, Researchers, Faculty Members and members who have a passion for science research (Working in Kerala or from Kerala, working in other States or countries).  Aim of which is to create an online collaborative platform for sharing information and learning Science.  As we all know that Science is becoming increasingly inter- and multi-disciplinary, and calls for multi-institutional, multi-country participation, and the support of Private Sector, the online platform developed will have multifaceted use. The platform allows Scientists, Researchers, Faculty Members and other science enthusiasts to register themselves online and enter their personal information at ease, as the system will present the user with a list of scientific publication that might have been published, based on the author’s name and the author can select the right ones by selecting it from the list. If willing, the authors can upload pdf versions of their full papers/abstract to the system, next time when they logs in.

  • This will help us in taking stock of quality publications that has appeared in Internation Peer reviewd Journals.  The collaborative working will defnitely open up new vistas for discussions and will improve the quality of out put in the form of papers and innovative R & D Products.
  • This will serve as a catalyst to encourage the Research and Development (R&D) output and also permit multi stakeholder participation in the R&D system of the State Helps in mapping the publications made from Kerala in various disciplines of basic and applied sciences.
  • To identify the gaps in the existing R&D system and to conduct a root cause analysis and device focused strategic interventions to bridge the same.
  • Developing solutions to social problems is the new mantra of modern science; the resource base will serve as a Ready Reckoner in identifying R&D outputs which are innovative and has a potential for scaling up and addressing the societal needs.
  • Main motivation is that the data generated will help in the analysis of changing trends in publication habits of Kerala’s scientific community and provides proper inputs for making informed funding decisions to the policy making bodies.
  • The Project will definitely be a harbinger in bringing to light quality publications and notable projects in the State.