Sastraposhini is a scheme planned by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment for strengthening science education among the High Schools of the State. This program plans strengthening of the High School science laboratories of the State and an effective interaction among the students and teachers. This is planned to be launched by the Council in association with the State Education Department.
Sastraposhini, a program envisaged by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) aims towards strengthening science education in schools of Kerala. The program will be implemented by setting up model laboratories for conducting science experiments in selected schools of the State.
During the pilot program of two years, one model laboratory each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be set up in one school in each educational district of the state. Teachers will be encouraged to carry out innovative projects in science education for Students from different schools could come together and engage in problem solving experiments and critical discussions. This would provide necessary excitement and fun in doing science and thus induce a healthy trend in science learning and a career orientation in doing science.
The educational achievements in Kerala are well known and much studied. But the alarming decline in the standard of science education at all levels is less attended This has led to many serious consequences Recently, there has been a boom in the career with regard to Information Technology (IT) and Biotechnology (BT) But this need to be backed up through science education of high quality at the school and college levels.
To stimulate interest in science at the school level by the performance of experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology by students To provide hand on experiments to students for observation, inference, interaction and self-designing of experiments To organize training programmes for the teachers for demonstrating scientific experiments To evolve low cost laboratory kit based on readily available material for the performing of a range of experiments
The present project is planned for two years. Once the project is launched, it will be operated through two academic years. By establishing model laboratories in core science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology, experiments will be conducted for the studentsby them Separate study circles can be developed among students and engage in problem solving and critical discussions. It will also be possible to hold science project fair so that students of different categories and branches of science can interact This would convey the excitement of doing science to students and induce a growing trend in opting a career in science For the training of teachers, which include practical experiments, interaction with eminent scientists will be arranged The model laboratories aimed may spearhead science in school program over the entire state, and provide a stimulus on education in general.
Training to teachers is an important component of this scheme. Eminent scholars will train science teachers in different disciplines at different phases of the program First phase training was conducted for 60 teachers for three days at the Centre for Science in Society(C.Si.S), Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) during July 28-30, 2003. Dr V Unnikrishnan Nair Vice Chancellor CUSAT inaugurated the program About twenty resource persons handled both the theoretical and practical aspects of science education and evolved methodologies to make the teaching interactive and interesting.
Operation of the Scheme:
A state level Apex Resource Group consisting of experts, nominees of the Council and state education department will evaluate the project once in three months
There will be a district level committee in each educational district consisting of the school authorities, teachers and PTA in the form of a review forum, which will meet as often as necessary The inputs from the district level committee and site visits will form the basis for the assessment of the scheme by the state level committee. Moreover if needed, may also set up a separate agency for monitoring and reviewing the performance of the scheme Apart from this, teachers handling these model laboratories can gather for a day to share their experiences and discuss their problems. The Feed Back Reports (FBR) thus prepared can be discussed in the academic cell of the district and state level committees as well as the Apex Resource Group.
Role of KSCSTE:
So far the Science and Technology Department of the State has been concentrating more on the issues, policies as well as other R & D efforts of the state. Understanding of the status of science education at the school levels, drop in enrolment of science courses, inability of the science graduates of our state to compete at national level etc made the Council to think on this line. Since this require a new setting of culture in science education, it is being tried at the grass root level. The present proposal of establishing one model science laboratory in each educational district is a pilot program planned by the Council in consultation with the state education department Once the whole system and the net working are established, the same will be handed over to the state education department for its sustenance and replication.
Inauguraral Function
Chief Minister Mr. A.K. Antony launched Sastraposhini at the Government Model High School Thiruvananthapuram, on October 2nd 2003. The Chief Minister on his inaugural address ,stressed the need for cultivating scientific temper among school children .In his presidential address Dr.M.S.Valiathan, the then Executive Vice President, KSCSTE said that science is a subject that cannot be taught in the conventional ways with chalk and blackboard, but ideally through hands on practical experiments.
C.M at Model school for launching sastraposhini with Dr.M.S Valiathan, Prof.P.A.Vahid and Prof.P.Gopalakrishnan
former Chief Minister A.K Antony inaugurating the function
former C.M checking the labs established at Model School.
Ten Model Laboratories established
Nodal schools in the pilot program, one school in each educational district is selected for establishing model laboratories. Selection is made in consultation with state education department and personal visits followed, to the respective schools. But In the first phase of the program, ten schools were selected from ten different educational districts of the state this include
  1. Govt. Model Boys Higher Secondary school, Thycaud , Thiruvananthapuram 
  2. Govt. HSSS Venjramoodu, Thiruvananthapuram 
  3. Govt. HSSS Parassala, Thiruvananthapuram 
  4. SMTHSS Chelakkara, Thrissur 
  5. Govt. Modal Boys HSS Thrissur 
  6. Govt. AJJMGHS Thalayolapparabu, Kottayam 
  7. Govt.HSS Kadayathoor, Idukki 
  8. Govt.VHS Murikkumvayal, Mundakkayam 
  9. Govt. VHSS fro girls Kasaragodu 
  10. KNPMGVHS Pariyaram, Kannur 
Once the first phase of the program becomes operational, the second phase will be ready for completion.
Physics lab established at Model school Thiruvananthapuram
Chemistry lab established at Modal school Thiruvananthapuram
Biology lab established at Modal school Thiruvananthapuram
2nd Phase of Sastraposhini
The 2nd phase was launched on the 26th January 2004 simultaneously at 10 different schools in 10 different educational districts. 
List of schools selected in the 2nd phase
1 Punalur Govt. H.S.S.,Kummil, Kadakkal PO, Kollam 
2 Kottarakkara Govt.V.H.S, Kulakkada, Kottarakkara, Kollam – 691 521
3 Kollam Govt. H.S.S. ,Anchalumoodu, Perinad P O,Kollam – 691 601
4 PathanamthittaGovt. V.H.&H.S.S, Pathanamthitta – 689 645
5 Alappuzha Govt G.H.S, Veeyapuram, Alappuzha – 690 514
6 Kottayam Govt H.S, Thottackad, Kottayam – 686 539
7 Kattappana Govt H.S., Thoprankudy, Kattappana, Idukki
8 Ernakulam Govt H.S., Vennala, Ernakulam – 628 028
9.Malappuram Govt VHSS for Girls, Wandoor,Malappuram– 679 328
10. Kozhikode Govt. H.S.S for Girls, Nadakkavu, Kozhikode - 11
3rd Phase of Sastraposhini
List of schools selected in the 3rd phase
1 Muvattupuzha Govt. Model H.S.,Muvattupuzha,Ernakulum
2 Kothamangalam Govt.H.H.S, Akanad, Kothamangalam,
3.Aluva Govt. HS, Kuttamassery, Thottumungham, Ernakulam
4.Cherthala Govt. HS, Mannacherry, Cherthala, Alappuzha
5.Kuttanad Govt. HS Kidangara, Alappuzha
6.Thiruvalla Govt. HS, Kuttor,Thiruvalla, Pathanamtitta
7.Mavelikkara Govt. VHS School for Girls, Chengannur, Alappuzha
8.Ottappalam Govt VHS School, VEttanad, Koottanad, Palakkad
9.Palakkad Govt. Moyam Girls HSS, Palakkad
10.Pala SKV Govt HSS, Neendoor, Kottayam
11.Thalassery GVHSS,Kadirur,Thalassery
12.Kanhangad Govt.HSS,Chayoth, Kasargodu
13.Wayanad Govt. Model HSS,Cheeral, S.Battery
14.Vadakara Govt. Moppila HSS, Koyilandy
15.Irinjalakuda GHSS,Kodungallur, Trichur
16.Tirur GVHSS for Girls, Tirur - 2, B.P Angadi
4th Phase of Sastraposhini
List of schools selected in the 4th phase
1 Thiruvananthapuram
Govt. V & H S S for Girls Manacaud, Thiruvananthapuram-9 
2 Kollam
Govt. Model Boys HSS Thevally(PO), Kollam(Dist) - 3 
Govt. Boys High School Kayamkulam Alappurzha(Dist) – 690502 
Govt. VHSS, Kalanjoor Pathanamthitta(Dist) – 689694 
Govt. VHSS, Mariapally P.O Nattakom -686023 
Govt. HSS, Thodupuzha Idukki(Dist) - 685584 
SRV Govt. Model BHSS Cochin-682011. 
Govt. HS&VHSS Cherpu, Thirussur – 680 561 
DIET, Anakkara P.O. Palakkad- 679 551.
GHSS, Perinthalmanna Malappuram(Dist), Pin – 679322 
GHSS Mavoor, Mavoor (PO), Kanniparmba-673661
GVHSS, Mananthavady Wayanad – 670 645 
GVHSS, Kannur(sports division) – 670 002
Cherkala Central HSS Cherkala Central, Kasargod – 671 541. 
5th Phase of Sastraposhini
List of schools selected in the 5th phase
1 Thiruvananthapuram
Govt. H.S.S Punnamoodu, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 020 
2 Thiruvananthapuram
Govt. Model H.S.S for Girls Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram 
Govt.H.S.S Mangad, Kollam - 691015 
Govt.H.S.S. Kuttikkattoor, Kozhikode 
Govt.H.S Kottayam Malabar, Kannur -670 643 
Govt.H.S.S Mogral Puthoor, Kasargode 
RSVY Scheme
Sastraposhini RSVY Scheme List of Schools
1 Chittur
G. V. G. H. S. S, Chittur Chittur Post, Palakkad – 678101 
2 Chittur
B. H. S. S, Chittur Chittur College post, Palakkad – 678104 
P. M. G. H. S. S, Palakkad Palakkad College Post, Palakkad - 678001 
G. H. S, Kunissery Kunissery Post, Palakkad - 678681 
G. H. S. Kumarapuram Ambikapuram Post, Palakkad 
G. G. V. H. S. S Nenmara Nenmara Post, Palakkad 
G. B. H. S. S, Nenmara Nenmara Post, Palakkad 
Govt. H. S. S Vadanamkurissi Vadanamkurissi Post, Palakkad – 679124 
Govt. Higher Secondary School Kizhakkanchery Post Palakkad - 678684 
G. V. H. S. S, Pathirippala Nagaripuram Post, Palakkad – 678642 
G. H. S. Ottappalam East Ottappalam, Palakkad - 679101 
M. N. K. M. G. H. S. S, Pulappatta Ummanezhi Post, Palakkad – 678632 
G. H. S. S, Pattambi Pattambi Post, Palakkad – 679303 
G. H. S. S, Big Bazar Palakkad – 678014 
G. V. H. S. S, Koppam Pulassery Post, Pattambi Palakkad – 679307 
G. J. H. S. S, Naduvattom Naduvattom Post, Palakkad - 679308 
G. V. H. S. S, Cherpalchery Cherpalchery Post Palakkad - 679503 
G. V. H. S. S, Koonathara Koonathara Post, Kavalappara, Palakkad - 679523 
Govt. Higher Secondary School Kottayi Post, Palakkad. 
G. H. S. S, Ganeshgiri Ganeshgiri Post, Palakkad - 679123 
Govt. Higher Secondary School Peringottukurissi Post, Palakkad. 
Govt. H. S. S, Chundambatta Chundambatta Post, Palakkad - 679377 
Govt. Higher Secondary School Erimayur Post, Palakkad - 678546 
G. M. H. S. Kadambur Kadambur Post, Palakkad 
G. H. S. S. Munnurcode Post Palakkad 
G. H. S. S. Vellinezhi Vellinezhi Post, Palakkad 
G. V. H. S. S. Karakurissi Karakurissi Post, Palakkad 
G. O. H. S. Edathanattukara Post Palakkad 
Govt. H. S. Pottassery Pottassery Post, Palakkad 
G. H. S. Alanallur Alanallur Post, Palakkad 
Govt. High School, Karimba Karimba Post, Palakkad 
G. H. S. S. Chalissery Chalissery Post, Palakkad – 679536 
G. H. S. S., Chathannur Chathannur Post, Palakkad - 679537 
G. H. S. S. Kumaranellur Kumaranellur Post, Palakkad – 679552 
G H S Pattancherry, Pattancherry Post, Palakkad – 678 533 
Govt. High School, Tholannur, Tholannur Post, Palakkad 
G S M V H S S, Thathamangalam, Thathamangalam Post, Palakkad-678102 
G H S Thenkurissi, Vilayannur Post, Thenkurissi, Palakkad - 678671 
Govt. A P H S S, Elappully, Elappully Post, Palakkad – 678 622 
G O H S Pattambi, Perumudiyur Post, Ottappalam, Palakkad-679303 
Gokhale Govt. H S, Kumaranallur, Othalur Post, Thrithala, Palakkad – 679 534 
G H S, Anakkara, Anakkara Post, Palakkad-679 551 
G H S S Mezhathur, Mezhathur Post, Thrithala, Palakkad – 679 534 
G V H S S, Kanjikode, Kanjikode Post, Palakkad – 678 621 
G T W H S, Anakkal, Anakkal Post, Malampuzha, Palakkad – 678 651 
G V H S S, Malampuzha, Malampuzha Post, Palakkad – 678 651 
Govt. H S for Deaf and Mutes, Ottappalam, Palakkad-679104 
Govt.Tribal High School, Sholayur, Palakkad-678 581 
Govt. Triba High School, Pudur Angali P O, Palakkad -678 581 
G V H S S, Agali, Palakkad – 678 581. 
Govt. H S, Kozhippara, Kozhippara Post, Chittur, Palakkad – 678 557 
Govt. H S S, Muthalamada, Palakkad – 678 507. 
Bhagavathy Govt. H S , Vannamada, Kozhianjampara, Palakkad – 678 555 
Govt. Girls H S, Alathur, Alathur Post, Palakkad - 678541 
G H S Mankara, Mankara Post, Palakkad – 678 614 
Govt. H S S, Koduvayur Post, Palakkad – 678 501. 
G H S S Kodumunda, Kodumunda Post, Palakkad – 679 303 
G H S Marayamangalam, Marayamangalam South P.O, Nellaya (Via), Palakkad – 679 335