Karamana River Scientific Management (Pilot) Project

                                                          2013-14 (Under New Schemes)
                                                                  (KRSM (Pilot) Project)
Objectives & Social Impact
  • Pollution mitigation of Karamana- Killi river
  • To develop a model for all the rivers
  • Reduce water & vector - borne diseases in the city
  • Reduce drinking & bathing water and sewage pollution
  • Mitigate flash flood in the city
  • Avert people from river pollution activities

Identification of sub projects & action Plan

  • Public participation and interaction
  • Site inspection
  • Media reports
  • RITES study report (2013)
  • Advise from Committees

Implementation & monitoring

  • Technical Committee
  • Co-ordination Committee
  • Monitoring Committee
  • Monitoring cell

KSCSTE     -      Co-ordination

TRIDA          -      Implementation

Line Departments &  Institutions [Execution]    -    Irrigation, KWA (Sewage), Minor irrigation, PWD, Home Dept.,City corporation, KSBB, etc.               

Year Budget Estimate Amount received
2013-14 500 lakh 466.66 lakh
2014-15 800 lakh 800 lakh
2015-16 800 lakh  NIL


Sub-projects  undertaken during 2013-14

    I. Thiruvallam Thode & Pollution Mitigation
   a)  Weir with PVC Shutters on either end.

   b)  Pump house

   c)  Pump set

   d)  Slope Correction

    Exn:(Irrigation Dept.)

    All works are completed.

 Budget Estimate : 50 lakhs

Slope Correction Weir with PVC shutters
Pump-house Thiuvallam pump on operation
II. Thiruvallam Balikadavu ,Renovation, Waste  Management, & Allied works   
     (a)  Balikadavu renovation    (Habitat)
     (b)  Incinerator        (KSIDCO)
     (c)  Biogas plant 
     (d) Chain linked -  (Irrigation)     fencing:  100x2mts
     (e)  New balikadavu    Irrigation
    Execution: Irrigation Department
Budget Estimate:88 lakhs
New Balikkadavu New Balikkadavu   Biogas Plant   








Renovation of Balikkadavu work started  Thiruvallam Thode fencing over (a) Thiruvallam Thode fencing over (b)

III. Gated Weir at Myladikadavu  

     Execution: Major irrigation Budget Estimate 22.5 lakhs.Work completed.

Weir at Myladikkadavu  Weir at Myladikkadavu work  completed

IV. Renovation of Maruthankuzhi Weir

     Execution: Major irrigation.Budget Estimate : 25 lakhs.Work Completed

Maruthankuzhi Weir  Maruthankuzhy weir door to Kochar

V. Renovation of drains with silt trap at Myladikad

     Execution: City corporation.Budget Estimate 52.5 lakhs.Work Completed

Drains at Myladikkadavu
VI. Installation of Surveillance Camera on Killiar bank  from Myladikadavu to Thiruvallom Bridge
     Execution: City corporation through KELTRON 
     Budget Estimate: 55.01 lakhs.Support: Police Dept.
     Monitoring system installed at Contonment Central Monitoring station of Police Dept. 
     Work completed. 
     Monitoring by police Dept. & Corporation started. 
Surveillance Camera  and view from Control Room at  Cantonment Police Station                      
Sub-projects for 2014-15
I. Chain linked fencing on both sides of  8 bridges of Karamana river 
    Execution: Major irrigation
    Budget Estimate  - 80 lakhs
    Work progressing.  

Thiruvallam NH Bridge Fencing 

II. Renovation of Thekkanekkara canal (open canal)-  2.57 kms.

     Execution: Major irrigation Budget Estimate  125 lakhs.

     a) Waste removal & cleaning
     b) Side Wall renovation
     c) RCC slotted slabs in sensitive areas

     d) Chain linked fence at sides of canal & bridges   

     Work progressing.

Thekkanekkara canal after cleaning

      Thekkanekkara canal beginning cleaning               Thekkanekkara canal poles for fencing                         Thekkanekkara canal fencing


III. Providing 3 new Sewage pumps at Kuriathy Pumping Station with panel, Transformer, etc

     Execution:KWA (Sewage)

     Budget Estimate : 160 lakhs

     Pumps received. Installation started.

IV. Sewage pipelines at Thittakudi, Sastri nagar, Siva nagar & Kailas nagar

     Execution: KWA (sewage)

     Budget Estimate : 190 lakhs.

     Two lines completed. Other two lines, work in progress.

V. Installation of Surveillance Camera at Myladikadavu to Maruthankuzhi 

     Execution: Home Dept. through KELTRON

     Budget Estimate : 63 lakhs

     Order issued. Work will start soon by Keltron

VI. Biodiversity Park & protective work of the right bank downstream of Karamana Bridge 

     Execution: Irrigation

     Budget Estimate : 70 lakhs

     Major part of the foundation of Bank protection work over. Remaining work resume after rain.

                                                                                   Biopark at Karamana                                                               Biopark at Kalady, Gabion casing

VII. Chain linked fencing on 10 bridges along  Killi river

     Execution: Major irrigation

     Budget Estimate  - 70 lakhs

     Fabrication work started.

Awareness and Publicity 

  Execution: KSCSTE Budget Estimate : 17 lakhs

  Documentary video - order issue soon.

  Awareness Programme - Started, one workshop for public conducted.

KRSM (Pilot) Project 2015-16 – Technical Sanction (TS) issued
Total BE : 800 Lakh
1. Chain linked fencing on either side of Thiruvallam Thode – 450x2mts.
     Execution:Irrigation.Budget Estimate : Rs.55 lakhs.
2. Bio-diversity park at Karamana II Phase – Walkway, Gate, fencing, lighting etc.
     Execution:Irrigation.Budget Estimate :Rs.65 lakhs.
3. Dhobighat in Karamana river at Kalady
     Execution:Irrigation.Budget Estimate: Rs.15 lakhs.
4. Providing chain linked fencing on both sides of various bridges of Killi river- 13Nos. –from Parachira to Vazhayila
     Execution:Irrigation.Budget Estimate: Rs.81 lakhs.
5. Providing 3 Nos. of new generation pump sets, Rehabilitation of well and construction of Grit chamber in Thaliyil pump house
     Execution:KWA (Sewage) Budget Estimate: Rs.200 lakhs.
6. Providing 3 Nos. of submersible new generation pumpsets and strengthening of well with interconnection to Grit Chamber at Arannur Sewage Pumping Station
     Execution:KWA (Sewage).Budget Estimate: Rs.96 lakhs.
7. Rehabilitation of 300 mts sewer line (400&200mm) near Thaliyil pump house 
     Execution:KWA (Sewage).Budget Estimate: Rs.104 lakhs.
8. Surveillance System – from Attukal bridge to Thiruvallam NH Bridge
     Execution:Home Departmentt.Budget Estimate: Rs.60 lakhs.
9. Check dam in Karamana river at Kalady
     Execution:Irrigation Department.Budget Estimate: Rs.65 lakhs.
10. Awareness and Publicity
     Execution:KSCSTE.Budget Estimate: Rs.12 lakhs.