Science Education Centre

One of the main mandate of the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment is to develop a high quality science education system in state. The education system in Kerala is with good academic achievements in 100% literacy including female literacy, maximum women participation in teaching sector. For the last one decade, the number of educational institutions have been increased drastically especially in the unaided sector. This has created a backslash in the quality of science education, especially in the Government sector in rural Kerala. This is mainly because of the lack of good laboratories for science teaching, lack of proper orientation/in-service training for the teachers, lack of updating of the modern methodology and lack of proper monitoring. We understand the importance of a Training Centre for Science Teachers and Students. This Centre is proposed to be in tune with the Centre for Science in Society(C-SiS), CUSAT.
  • To stimulate interest in science at the school level by performance of experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology by the students
  • To provide hands on experiments to students for observation, inference, interaction and self-designing of experiments
  • Motivation of students as well as teachers in the basic research experiments
  • Revitalization of a science culture and establishment of a good teacher student relationship
  • Organising training programme for teachers for demonstrating scientific experiments
  • Fostering of innovations in science teaching, especially laboratory experiments in schools
The programme is expected to improve the quality of science teaching and learning in the State. Further, the programme provides an opportunity for students and teachers to self-design and perform hands on experiments. The programme further result in establishment of a good teacher student relationship. Science Education Centre also aims at creating a platform for promoting innovation in science among the students