Students with Talent and Aptitude for Research in Science -STARS

STARS – Students with Talent and Aptitude for Research in Science

Generating and nurturing of a human talent pool capable of utilizing and developing first principles in science is both a pre-condition and integral part of innovation infrastructure and development.

In the above perspective, the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE) is launching a new Programme entitled “STARS” -“Students with talent and aptitude for research in Science”. STARS is an innovative programme with foresight for attracting student talents with an aptitude for research and innovation, to a career in Basic & Applied sciences The  basic objective of  ‘STARS’ is to encourage students to pursue higher education in Basic or Applied Sciences by providing orientation programme in research laboratories and through scholarships. The programme also has the objective of providing adequate opportunities for girl students to take up science for higher education and career.

The programme ‘STARS’ is formulated with the intention of  communicating to Students of the State, the excitements of creative pursuit in science, encourage talented students to realise the importance of scientific research at an early age and thus build the required critical human resource pool for strengthening and expanding Science & Technology system and R&D base of the State.  The programme also envisages to identify and nurture a core group of student talents and motivate them to pursue higher studies in Basic & Applied Sciences.

The Programme will be implemented in the following 2 schemes
This scheme opens the door for aspiring science students to attend a 5- day Orientation programme in selected R&D centres in the State of Kerala. This programme will enable them to familiarise with the kind of research activities going on in standard research laboratories in the State and thus develop a passion for science research.

The ‘KSCSTE Pratibha Scholarship scheme’ offers scholarship for the toppers in science subjects in the higher Secondary Examination to pursue undergraduate course in Basic /Applied Science subjects.