Rural Innovators Meet


Rural Innovators Meet (RIM) is a unique event organized by KSCSTE annually for the unorganized rural innovators and grass root innovators. RIM aims to provide a platform for the unorganized rural innovators and grass root innovators to exhibit and present their innovations and also to interact with Scientists and fellow innovators.

            RIM- 2018 houses contest and exhibition of innovative products developed by rural innovators having rural applications and commercial importance. In order to encourage engineering students to rural technology, a contest of innovative products having rural applications developed by students of engineering colleges in Kerala is also organized as part of RIM- 2018. Special prize awards such as Innovation of the Year Award, Rural Innovation Awards and special prizes are presented for the best innovations contested in RIM.         

Rural Innovators' Meet 2018 ( ഗ്രാമീണ ഗവേഷക സംഗമം 2018 ) 

Application Form ( അപേക്ഷഫോം)