Women in Science

The Women Scientist Division (WSD) is constituted by KSCSTE with the mission of “Coordinating support activities for women scientists in Kerala so as to facilitate their active role in the research area as science researchers”.The Division is engaged primarily in  the empowerment of women and students  through S&T initiatives. As such, the schemes and programmes of WSD falls under the two major heads  viz., Programmes for Women in Science(WIS) & STARS. 
Women in Science (WIS)
The programmes under WIS are aimed  to promote women in science and technology in the State of Kerala. Through these programmes, the Division is also committed to strengthen contacts and collaboration among women scientists in the country in general and the State in particular and also promote the understanding and inclusion of gender dimension in science and research.
Students with Talent & Aptitude for Research in Science (STARS)
STARS is an innovative programme aimed to promote student talents who are having  aptitude for research and innovation and lead them to a career in Basic & Applied sciences Students are encouraged to pursue higher education in Basic or Applied Sciences by providing scholarship and mentorship through Science orientation programme in reputed research laboratories. The programme ensures adequate opportunities for girl students to take up science for higher education and career.
                  •    'Back To Lab' Programme 
                  •    Workshop on “Research Methodology”
                  •    Database project:  “Women in Science in Kerala”
          STUDENT PROGRAMMES :STARS (Students with Talent and Aptitude for Research in Science)
                  •    Prathibha Scholarship Scheme 

                  •    SPEED-(Student Programme for Excellence in Experimental Design)