Women in Science

Women Scientists and Technologists have made significant contributions in every sphere of development. In India, the participation of women scientists in various fields of science, Engineering and Technology is still very low. Women Scientists not only play an important role in their respective areas of expertise but can play significant role in engineering social changes. Science and Technology play a vital role in the development strategy for various sections of the society. Full utilization of sufficient number of educated and trained women in Science and Technology is an economical and effective option to meet the challenges in development. There is a growing recognition of the need to strengthen women's capabilities and to promote their participation in higher levels of career and academics. This can be achieved by increasing their access to information and education particularly in the areas of science and technology.

In Kerala, though the State has the highest women literates, no concerted efforts have been made to attract and retain women in science. There is a need to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship among women, thereby creating more job opportunities, self-esteem and societal recognition for them.                                                   

To respond to the call for increased participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine, KSCSTE is implementing programmes that help women succeed more in the field of science. The Women Scientists Division is constituted at KSCSTE with this perspective.

            Following programmes are implemented by the Women scientist division.