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Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom,
Thiruvananthapuram 695004
Kerala, INDIA.
Tel: ++91 + 471 2548200
Fax: ++91 + 471 2540085


Vision :

Promote participation of Women in Science, Engineering, Medicine and allied disciplines in the State of Kerala

Mission :

Women Scientists Division (WSD) is constituted with the MISSION “Coordinating support activities for women scientists in Kerala so as to facilitate their active role in the research area as science researchers” . The Division is committed to implementing  programmes and projects  to promote women in science and technology  in the State of Kerala. WSD is also committed to strengthen contacts and collaboration among women scientists in the country in general and the State in particular, and also promote the understanding and inclusion of the gender dimension in science and research.  


A Research Advisory Committee (RAC) monitors, evaluates and provide guidelines for implementing various programmes to ensure better involvement and participation of women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (STEM).

Members of RAC

  1. Prof. J. Letha, Director, Technical Education, Govt. of Kerala         -         Chairperson
  2. Prof. R.V.G. Menon, Former Director, ANERT & IRTC                -             Member
  3. Dr. S. Edison, Former Director, CTCRI, Thiruvananthapuram         -                   ”
  4. Dr. R. Renuka Nair, Scientist-G, SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram   -                    ”
  5. Dr.(Mrs.)Radha R. Das,Assoc. Director (Retd),AMD/Dept Atomic Energy, GOI- ”
  6. Dr. P.G. Latha, Director(i/c), JNTBGRI, Thiruvananthapuram         -                      ”
  7. Dr. Elizabeth. K. E, Professor of Pediatrics, Govt. Medical College, TVM-            ”
  8. Dr. M. S. Sheela, Assoc. Director, College of Agriculture, TVM         -                  ”
  9. Dr.K.R. Lekha, Scientist E2& Head, WSD, KSCSTE                   -Member Convener

Past Events

Ongoing Programmes

a. 'BACK TO LAB' programme Offers Post Doctoral/ Research Fellowship for Women Researchers who had break in their career to come back to mainstream research.

a. Notification
b. Application format
c. Guidelines
d. Terms & conditions
e. Format for ‘Date of Start intimation’
f. Format for Annual Progress Report’
g. Format for ‘Statement of Expenditure’
h. Format for UtilizationCertificate
i. Format for ‘No pending UC&SE’
j.  Format for 'Request for extension'
k. Format for 'Request for reappropriation of Budget'
l.  Format for Project Completion Report
m. Format for 'Asset transfer certificate'
n. Format for 'Consent from Scientist Mentor'

b. Awareness programme – Call for proposals from Scientists/Academicians/NGOs

 Title:  Technological Advances in Transforming Women’s lives

The Women Scientists Division, KSCSTE, invites proposals to conduct one day Awareness Programme under the major heading Technological Advances in Transforming Women’s lives.

c. Database on Women Scientists in Kerala - Project

The Women Scientists Division is implementing a project on preparing Database of Women Scientists in Kerala.


I. STARS (Students with Talent and Aptitude for Research in Science)

A programme to encourage students to pursue higher education in Basic or Applied Science through the following Schemes
  • SPEED-(Student Programme for Excellence in Experimental Design)

            A scheme aimed at providing research exposure to students through orientations programmes in R&D institutions in the State.

Call for proposals from Scientists/Science Faculty in R&D Centres/Academic Institutions, for organizing Laboratory Orientation Programme for students


[MS-Word Format:] 1: Notification 2. Guidelines 3. Application Format 4. Terms & Conditions 5. Certificate from Principal Coordinator 6. Endorsement 7. Date of Start
8. NoPending UC&SE 9. Statement of Expenditure 10. Program Completion Report
11. Feedback Form 12. Student Certificate

  • KSCSTE PRATIBHA SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME – ‘A scheme for identifying and nurturing talents in S&T’ – Call for applications from students for pursuing higher studies in Science.

[MS-Word Format:] 1: Notification 2. Guidelines 3. Application Format 4. Terms & Conditions 5. Status Verification Certificate 6.Format for furnishing Bank Account Details 7. Application format for Scholarship Renewal 8.(reciept format for prathibha scholarship 2013-14) [9] reciept format for Renewal Application of prathibha scholarship 2013-14

II . VSORT (Vocational Skill Oriented Reinstate Training) – Call for “Expression of Interest” and proposal for conducting S&T based vocational training for women in jails.

A scheme to impart S&T based skills for the inmates in the three Women’s Prisons in Kerala, located at Thiruvananthapuram, Viyyur (Thrissur) & Kannur. 


[MS-Word Format:] 1: Notification 2. Guidelines 3. Proposal Format 4. Terms & Conditions 5. Certificate from Principal Coordinator 6. Date of Start 7. Asset Transfer
8. Endorsement Trainer Inst. 9. Endorsement Host Inst. 10. Statement of Expenditure
11. Training Completion Report 12. No Pending UC & SE


The Head
Women Scientists Division
Kerala State Council of Science, Technology and Environment
Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom (P.O), Thiruvananthapuram – 695 004

Ph: 0471 2548208, Fax: 0471 2540085, 2534605